What’s Wrong With My Pine Trees?

If you live across the Front Range, you’re probably noticing that the evergreen trees in your neighborhood look partly brown this spring, and they may have you wondering why. Remember the 10th of October back in the fall of 2019? Colorado Springs went from a high of 80 degrees to a low of 19 [...]

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Winter Watering for Year-Long Success

Although your irrigation system should be winterized and off from November to April, your plants, trees, and lawn still need water in these winter months. Snowfall can provide some of the moisture they need, but winter watering is crucial. Why Water? Throughout the winter, dormant plants need moisture. When they start [...]

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Gorilla Hair Mulch

Why would you want Gorilla Hair in your Landscape?!   With a name like “gorilla hair,” Washington (or Cascade) Cedar Mulch may not sound like the most desirable ground cover to utilize in your yard.  However, this inexpensive product is a fantastic option to consider for any Colorado landscape for a variety of reasons: It [...]

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Spring Checklist- Is Your Yard Ready?

How do you set up your property for success this year? It begins with the landscape! One of the first things a customer or neighbor notices when they come to your property is the landscaping. A beautiful landscape can transform any building from "eh" to "WOW!" This increased curb appeal isn't only good looks. According [...]

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How do I know if my fence is worth repairing?

The Chinook downslope winds the Pikes Peak region has seen over the past 48 hours have been devastating to many roofs, trees, and fences.  As a result, you may be one of the many homeowners facing the need to repair or replace a downed fence. But just how do you decide if your fence is [...]

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When should I start watering my yard?

The recent weather in Colorado Springs makes it seem that spring has arrived. You may be wondering if you should be watering your yard. In fact, it IS important to water your lawn, plants, and trees during the winter months (November-April)—and this is especially important when there has not been much snow. Even in their [...]

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Outdoor Living in Colorado Springs

We love creating outdoor living spaces to relax and enjoy life. We recently worked in central Colorado Springs to re-do our customer's backyard landscaping. The job consisted of xeriscaping a large portion of the grass area to reduce water usage and building a large patio area. Allan Block court yard walls were used to define [...]

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Landscaping in Falcon

This is our latest landscape project out in Falcon! Whenever we begin a project on a new lot we spend a lot of time discussing what dreams the customer has for their yard. Sometimes customers give us sketches or pictures of things they want to implement into their design. We take all of this back [...]

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Our Best Deal of the Year

Our Best Deal of the Year! Fall days are upon us! Have you been dreaming about a landscape project all summer? It is not too late to complete your project this year.  We want to help make those dreams a reality by offering 10% off landscape projects and [...]

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