CSU Rebates for New Build Homes

Transform Your Landscape and Save Water with Colorado Springs Utilities’ Rebate Program

With water scarcity always lurking around the corner, Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) is continually in planning mode to ensure water for our community in the future. One of the big ways to save water is through a water wise landscape. According to CSU, irrigation uses about 40% of the potable water supply, so using native plants can significantly reduce water usage. One way they are incentivizing others to use native plants is rebating $1+/sqft of eligible landscape for new build residential homes! Their purpose is stated below:

Living landscapes are enormously valuable to our community and it’s important that our landscapes evolve with our changing water supply. This program transforms new landscape installations by incentivizing drought resilient plant material, low-water lawn alternatives, efficient irrigation equipment, and good installation practices. The program goal is to ensure landscape resiliency by creating valuable landscapes that will thrive with once-a-week watering.

At Fisk Lawnscapes, we love the native plant palette. See some of our favorite waterwise landscape installs below:

For new build residential homes, Colorado Springs Utilities will rebate $1+/sqft of eligible landscape! Some of the program requirements include:

  • Site must receive residential water service from Colorado Springs Utilities.
  • All landscaping must be new. Renovations to existing yards do not qualify for this program.
  • Lawn areas must use an approved native or well adapted low-water grass.
  • Planting beds will have a 70% ground plane coverage at maturity with only approved plants.
  • All landscape installation details have been followed, including correct installation of tree and plants,seed or sod, tilling and soil prep requirements, and approved mulch types and depth.
  • Efficient irrigation equipment is installed according to specifications and includes heads with checkvalves and pressure reducing stems, rotary spray nozzles, smart irrigation controllers, rain sensors,and dedicated low water drip zones for the approved plants.
  • A yard sign is installed and visible from the road, identifying the landscape as a project participant demonstrating a sustainable landscape with low water requirements.
  • Confirmation that educational material has been delivered to the homeowner/participant.
  • Signed homeowner release is provided to Colorado Springs Utilities, allowing us to provide direct communication and use of site for project demonstration and educational purposes.

Visit csu.org to learn more about additional programs and resources.

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