Beautiful Landscape Transformation at Glen Eyrie

This past week we wrapped up our project at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs. First off we want to say a huge thank you to all of the staff at Glen Eyrie for being extremely accommodating to our crew while we worked on the project. We also had the pleasure of working with John MacKay [...]

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Glen Eyrie Project

Over the past few weeks one of our landscaping crews has been working on a project at the beautiful Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs. We have been sharing progress photos on our Facebook page and to see those, visit here. This has been an exciting project to work on not only because of the location [...]

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When should I turn on my sprinklers in Colorado Springs?

Every year at about this time, we start getting lots of calls and emails from clients asking “when should I turn on my irrigation system”? While it’s tempting to turn on your water during nice stretches of weather, we recommend waiting until after April 15th to help prevent freeze damage from occurring. If you turn [...]

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5 ways to keep your lawn healthy in winter

  Colorado Spring’s winters can be harsh on your landscape. Typically they are marked by long dry stretches with no precipitation and occasional sub-zero temperatures. This can lead to winterkill in trees and shrubs as well as in sod areas. You can prevent most of the winter damage to your yard by following these 5 [...]

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How To Quick Drain Your Sprinkler System

With cold weather right around the corner here in Colorado Springs it is important to take the time to quick drain your irrigation system anytime the temperature will drop below 32 degrees. Watch our how to video below. Or download our step by step guide here. How To Quick Drain Your Sprinkler System

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How To Prevent Deer From Eating Plants

Frustrated at finding your plants being eaten by deer? You’re not alone. Many residents of Colorado Springs find themselves caught in the local wildlife’s routes. Learn how to prevent deer from eating your plants today.   Deer can often have different preferences, but there are just a few handy precautions to keep in mind. Here [...]

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