Landscaping Services

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Are you looking to transform your outdoor space to match the beauty of Colorado Springs’ Front Range? Fisk Lawnscapes is here to help!

We’ll work closely with you to translate your ideas and dreams into a beautiful outdoor space your family will enjoy for years to come. From thoughtful irrigation systems to custom-built pergolas, our landscape designs perfectly pair the practical and the aesthetic.

Need a landscape plan to submit to your HOA? We offer full design services that will give you everything you need to submit for landscape approval according to your HOA’s guidelines. We have worked and have submitted plans to HOA’s all throughout Colorado Springs, including Cordera, Wolf Ranch, Flying Horse, Banning Lewis Ranch, Meridian Ranch and many others.



Colorado Landscaping Services


Da Vinci didn’t get his brush wet until he first saw the picture in his mind. In a similar way, an attractive landscape must be mentally conceived before it can be physically born. We capture your dreams by creating a professional design to produce a masterpiece appropriate for you.

Colorado Landscape Design Company


Vibrant colors, infinite patterns, stirring textures — When it comes to creating a unique concrete patio and pathway, you have a plethora of options. We will work closely to help you coordinate your choices to best fit your overall landscape masterpiece.

Colorado Springs decorative concrete

Whether for erosion protection, decoration, or function, you want a wall that will be both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Our retaining walls will surely catch your soil and your eye, while adding that useful level spot in your backyard.

Colorado Springs retaining walls

Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing with your favorite people around an outdoor fire pit or fireplace? From wood burning to natural gas or propane, we can design and build the centerpiece to your backyard retreat.

Colorado Springs Fire Pits and Fireplaces


Connect with those you love the most while enjoying our gorgeous Front Range weather. Fisk Lawnscapes will help you build a custom-designed outdoor patio to complement the beautiful landscape of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Landscape and Patios


Fisk Lawnscapes’ custom-built pergolas are the perfect addition to your outdoor living area, providing shade during Colorado’s hot summer days and a rustic feel to your home’s aesthetic.

Colorado Springs Pergolas


A beautiful landscape starts with beautiful soil. Proper soil amendment and conditioning is crucial to creating a sustainable and lasting landscape. On average, we use three times more soil amendment than what is required by the City of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Soil Amendment

Imagine the sound of water falling as it elegantly runs and twisting through your backyard. We install stunning water features that will capture your eyes and ears, bringing a peaceful sound to your outdoor setting. Add this luxurious feature to your landscape at a surprisingly low cost.

Colorado Springs water features

Add a unique element of style to your masterpiece with soft, attractive lighting that will illuminate your pathway, patio, waterscape, or other landscape feature. An outdoor living area will come alive at night with the proper blend of lighting, making peaceful summer evenings last long into the night.

Colorado Springs Landscape Lighting

A proper irrigation system is the cornerstone to a beautiful, headache-free landscape. From basic to complex, we use only the best materials to fully integrate a quality irrigation plan.

Colorado Springs Irrigation Design and Installation


From balance and unity, to texture and transition; the proper types of rock and mulch are key to creating an inviting atmosphere in your yard. We offer a wide selection of rock and mulch to make your dream landscape come true.

Colorado Springs Decorative Rock and Mulch


Our strong, durable, reinforced concrete landscape edging is custom-fit for your landscaping, trees and flowerbeds. Edging that won’t rust, rot, pop out, or break is just one of the small details that will set your landscape apart and help keep your outdoor space intact for years to come.

Colorado Springs Stamped Concrete Edging


Are you looking to add color and texture to your landscape? Nothing beats shrubs, perennials and trees! Our team at Fisk Lawnscapes is passionate about bringing beauty to Colorado Springs through our expert knowledge of planting and landscaping!

Colorado Springs Plants


Here in Colorado, water is a precious commodity and xeriscaping could be the perfect approach for your yard. Proper application of xeriscape principles will produce a beautiful and functional landscape, while saving you water, money, and time.

Visit our photo gallery to see our customers’ dreams come true!