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Essential Guide to Water Restrictions in Colorado Springs: Rules, Tips, and FAQs

Colorado Springs faces unique water challenges, including periodic droughts and a growing population that strains its water resources. In response, water restrictions are necessary to manage and conserve water effectively. This guide will explore the latest water restrictions in Colorado Springs, including rules and guidelines from Colorado Springs Utilities. We'll also cover optimal watering practices [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Sod and Seed in your Colorado Lawn

A lush, vibrant lawn in Colorado Springs can transform your yard and bring beauty into your everyday life. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything from choosing the right type of sod or seed, the best time to to install, and much more. Understanding Sod Installation in Colorado Springs Colorado Springs' semi-arid climate means [...]

Choosing the Best Landscape Contractor: 3 Essential Tips

HIRING A LANDSCAPER – OFTEN A DAUNTING TASK.  A beautifully designed lawn can completely transform an otherwise ordinary looking house, and quality landscaping can improve your outdoor living area while increasing the value of your home. The benefits of a beautiful landscape are endless, but how do you ensure you’re getting that beauty? Finding the [...]

Case Study – PPLD 21c Landscape Conversion

Follow the journey of site modifications, herbicide applications, and the installation of Tahoma 31 in this comprehensive landscape transformation timeline. Witness the challenges faced, including weather impacts and weed control measures, through progress photos from June to September. Explore the remarkable before-and-after changes in this landscaping project.

2023 Best Landscape and Lawn Care Companies to Work For

Fisk Lawnscapes was recently named as one of the 2023 Best Landscape and Lawn Care Companies to Work For. This inaugural awards program was created in 2023 and is a project of Lawn & Landscape and Best Companies Group. This survey and awards program was designed to identify, recognize and honor the best places of [...]

5 Ways to Reduce Your Wildfire Risk

Wildfire Mitigation is truly a year-round activity that requires consistent maintenance. If only it were so easy as to cut down brush once and not have it grow back! But landscapes are living organisms, and continue to grow, spread, and change over time. It’s also easy to think that if you don’t live directly [...]

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Optimal Lawn Health: The Essential Guide to Lawn Aeration in Colorado

Living in Colorado, everyone aspires to have a lush, green lawn to relish during the summer months. Achieving this isn't just about the care you provide during the warmer weather but involves year-round maintenance (especially do avoid winter kill from happening). An essential part of preparing your lawn for its best performance is proper lawn [...]

Outdoor Living in Colorado Springs

We love creating outdoor living spaces to relax and enjoy life. We recently worked in central Colorado Springs to re-do our customer's backyard landscaping. The job consisted of xeriscaping a large portion of the grass area to reduce water usage and building a large patio area. Allan Block court yard walls were used to define [...]