Your Greener Yard Starts Now With Lawn Aeration

Your Greener Yard Starts Now With Lawn Aeration

Everyone in Colorado wants a beautiful, green yard to enjoy during the summer.

However, focusing on your yard during the summer months isn’t always enough. A great yard begins before the grass starts growing in the spring. We previously wrote about the importance of winter watering to keep winter kill from happening (read it here). The next step in taking care of your lawn is having it aerated.

The aerator will perforate your lawn to give it some fresh air. While punching holes in your lawn may seem like a strange practice, it is healthy to have you lawn aerated during both spring and fall. We recommend doing it in March and October.

The biggest benefit of lawn aerating is breaking up the thatch layer, which is a build up of dead grass at the base of the stems.  A moderate layer of thatch is a good thing because it insulates the roots from cold in the winter and helps retain moisture. However, when the thatch builds up too much it inhibits water, nutrients, and oxygen from getting into the soil.  An aerator will pull small plugs, approximately .75”x2”, of soil from the top layer of your lawn to break up some of that excess insulation. On top of that, an aeration will also reduce soil compaction. What is soil compaction? It is when the ground gets compressed and hardened from everyday traffic. It is critical for your yard to receive the nutrients it needs after the harsh winter. If it is not aerated it will have a harder time coming back in the spring and will not be as lush during the summer months.

With spring right around the corner, we are scheduling aerations in the greater Colorado Springs area, so give us a call at 719-495-6300.