The Wildlife Urban Interface

What is the Wildlife Urban Interface (WUI) and why does it matter? Over 6.6 million acres of Colorado are within this zone. This zone includes any man-made structure built within or around flammable vegetation, and especially where there exists a high possibility of wildfire risk. For El Paso county residents, the main areas within [...]

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Wildfire Risk

Wildfire Mitigation is truly a year-round activity that requires consistent maintenance. If only it were so easy as to cut down brush once and not have it grow back! But landscapes are living organisms, and continue to grow, spread, and change over time. It’s also easy to think that if you don’t live directly [...]

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Your Greener Yard Starts Now

Everyone in Colorado wants a beautiful, green yard to enjoy during the summer. However, focusing on your yard during the summer months isn’t always enough. A great yard begins before the grass starts growing in the spring. We previously wrote about the importance of winter watering to keep winter kill from happening (read it here). The [...]

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