Spring Checklist- Is Your Yard Ready?

Spring Checklist- Is Your Yard Ready?

How do you set up your property for success this year? It begins with the landscape!

One of the first things a customer or neighbor notices when they come to your property is the landscaping. A beautiful landscape can transform any building from “eh” to “WOW!” This increased curb appeal isn’t only good looks. According to Turf Magazine, a well landscaped yard can increase your property value 10-12%.

Here is a simple spring checklist to give you the best yard on the block:

1. Spring Cleanup. Clear out any debris that has accumulated during winter – picking up dead leaves, fallen branches, trash, etc. Not only does this improve appearances but helps get rid of dead material that will rot and that bugs will find their way into.
2. Trim Your Shrubs. While the majority of your shrubs should look good from the fall trim, there are nice little improvements that can be done. Further, some perennials (like Russian Sage and ornamental grasses) need to be cut back to prime them for proper growth and not overgrowth.
3. Aeration. Over winter, the ground compresses because of snow and the freeze/thaw cycle. In order for your turf to look its best, aerating is a fantastic way to break up the soil to allow air and water penetrate the ground for optimal health. This is also an ideal time to overseed any thin areas.
4. Fertilizer. Applying a slow-release fertilizer will allow for nutrients to get into your turf at the proper time and green it up considerably. Look for fertilizers high in nitrogen to ensure a green yard throughout the summer. Be careful not to over-apply fertilizer – follow the manufacturers directions so that you don’t burn your grass.
5. Water. Time to turn on the sprinklers! Water is by far the most important aspect of keeping your yard healthy. Make sure that temperatures are above freezing at night before leaving on your system for good. Check for leaks, proper sprinkler coverage, and implement water saving systems to ensure that your yard and plants stay well hydrated this year. Properly configuring your sprinkler system is key – so that you get the correct amount of water on your landscape (we don’t want dead spots or pooling!), but also so that you don’t spend an exorbitant amount of money on water bills. Although individual yards have individual needs, here are some basic guidelines: Set your system to run between 6pm and 10am, twice a day, four times per week (depending on weather conditions). Run times will vary – 12 mins/zone for pop-ups, 20 mins/zone for rotors, 30-40 mins/zone for drip line.

Let us do all this work for you! We have made many customers happy with our knowledge of sprinkler systems and proper lawn care. We want to create more beauty at your property. Call us at 719-495-6300 to learn more!

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