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Residential Maintenance

Grounds maintenance at your home has to be more than a crew of guys cutting your lawn and leaving before you know they were there.  At Fisk Lawnscapes, we know that your home is a reflection of you, and we take the time to make sure that your property is cared for according to your needs. Fisk Lawnscapes has been providing grounds maintenance in Colorado Springs since 2002.

Maybe lawn care is something that was forgotten on the “honey-do” list several years back. It could be that you or a family member has suffered a debilitation that keeps you from working on your own yard. Or, you may just want to free your time for activities and relationships.

We understand! At Fisk Lawnscapes, it’s our goal to make sure that you come home to a wonderful looking yard every single week.

Because this is where you live, we don’t hire anyone we wouldn’t want working where we live.  Our employees hold to the highest standards of conduct, which includes no tolerance for drinking, swearing, or smoking at the job site. They are all clean cut, uniformed professionals, and they are empowered to make things right for you.

Jacob Stankich
Jacob StankichLead Maintenance Foreman
Jacob has served with Fisk Lawnscapes since 2015 working to cultivate premiere landscapes across Colorado Springs. Having experience in both landscape and maintenance, Jacob is knowledgable and detail-oriented on numerous landscaping issues. He works hard to create and maintain beauty on your property and is happy to answer any questions you may have. He understands that solid and consistent communication works hand in hand for great customer relations and strives to build genuine relationships. Jacob and his beautiful wife, Laura, live in Colorado Springs and enjoy exploring all the beauty that Colorado offers.