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4.9 out of 5 stars

Christine Montoya
Christine Montoya

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

We are so happy with the service and work that we received from Fisk! They were professional, friendly and exceeded our expectations. They transformed our yard from dirt to a beautiful oasis! We couldn't be more pleased and can't thank them all enough. Thank you Dan, Ben and the whole team. You guys Rock!!!

Chad VanderHart
Chad VanderHart

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Great provider of new landscape installations and regular landscape maintenance services. Ben Fisk, Ben Notheis and Josh Day all treated me with incredible friendliness and consideration.

Rick Stevens
Rick Stevens

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

The guys at Fisk did an excellent job for us. We had an old deck that was installed by a previous homeowner that contributed to water leaking into our basement. The crew came out, tore off the old deck, fixed the grade on the ground, re-graded our backyard, and installed a patio to help with drainage. They also installed underground drainage for the rainwater from our gutters as well. The work was tested quickly by several summer storms. Absolutely no water in the basement at all as everything drained away from the house. To top it all off, they also changed out my railroad timber retaining wall for a much better looking tiered moss rock wall. Can't say enough about the work these guys do. Great job!


When should I turn on my sprinklers in Colorado Springs?

Every year at about this time, we start getting lots of calls and emails from clients asking “when should I turn on my irrigation system”? While it’s tempting to turn on your water during nice stretches of weather, we recommend waiting until after April 15th to help prevent freeze damage from occurring. If you turn […]

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5 ways to keep your lawn healthy in winter

Colorado Spring’s winters can be harsh on your landscape.
Typically they are marked by long dry stretches with no precipitation and occasional sub-zero temperatures. This can lead to winterkill in trees and shrubs as well as in sod areas. You can prevent most of the winter damage to your yard by following these 5 steps to […]

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How To Quick Drain Your Sprinkler System

With cold weather right around the corner here in Colorado Springs it is important to take the time to quick drain your irrigation system anytime the temperature will drop below 32 degrees.

Watch our how to video below.

Or download our step by step guide here.

How To Quick Drain Your Sprinkler System

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How To Prevent Deer From Eating Plants

Frustrated at finding your plants being eaten by deer?
You’re not alone. Many residents of Colorado Springs find themselves caught in the local wildlife’s routes. Learn how to prevent deer from eating your plants today.


Deer can often have different preferences, but there are just a few handy precautions to keep in mind. Here are some tricks […]

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