Fire Mitigation Assessment

In our second blog, we talked about how to create a defensible space for your home. Now, we are going to step back and take a look at what fire mitigation looks like from a yearly perspective, since it is not enough to simply do a one-time cleanup. We will determine what initial projects need to [...]

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Creating Defensible Space

Fire mitigation is all about creating a defensible space for your home. Reducing the amount of materials stored around your house as well as how and where you store them can significantly decrease your risk of fire getting to your house. Seemingly small actions, such as moving your firewood 30’ away from your home [...]

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What is Fire Mitigation and Why is it Important?

 Living in Colorado sometimes means living through dry spells and high risk of fire danger.  Stretches without rain and snow, combined with high winds that come off the mountains cause conditions ripe for wildfire. And while burn restrictions and fire warnings may be the norm for residents, we want to make sure that everyone is [...]

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Gorilla Hair Mulch

Why would you want Gorilla Hair in your Landscape?!   With a name like “gorilla hair,” Washington (or Cascade) Cedar Mulch may not sound like the most desirable ground cover to utilize in your yard.  However, this inexpensive product is a fantastic option to consider for any Colorado landscape for a variety of reasons: It [...]

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Spring Checklist- Is Your Yard Ready?

How do you set up your property for success this year? It begins with the landscape! One of the first things a customer or neighbor notices when they come to your property is the landscaping. A beautiful landscape can transform any building from "eh" to "WOW!" This increased curb appeal isn't only good looks. According [...]

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How do I know if my fence is worth repairing?

The Chinook downslope winds the Pikes Peak region has seen over the past 48 hours have been devastating to many roofs, trees, and fences.  As a result, you may be one of the many homeowners facing the need to repair or replace a downed fence. But just how do you decide if your fence is [...]

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